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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 16, 2006

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here I am at (on left) 37km with my running friend. Some pain going through my body!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Marathon......long bloody way!

The trip to Melbourne was fantastic. I had a blast.
I went down with Tara, Michael & Richard
We stayed out at Frankston in this 2 bedroom apartment. It was a really nice place.
Went for a run when we got down there on Friday. Went for another run Saturday morning & must have walked 42km on Saturday going up & down Chapel st.

The race

The race started off 10min late & was just starting to rain. The rain was with me for only the first 500m.
Now each km
1km - 3:53 - Just trying to find my pace. All good

2km - 3:54 - Thinking I'll try to stat between 3:50 & 4:00 for the first 10km. All good

3km - 3:50 - This was my fastest km. Not sure why I went quicker here. I was just feeling good running with a small group of guys

4km - 3:54 - Still on target. I'm just starting to sweat...but I could feel at this stage my legs slightly heaver than they should be. Still all good though

5km - 4:00 - I decided to slow the pace just a little. Staying on the safe side. I dropped off that bunch I was with & was running on my own. Mabye not the best idea.

6km - 3:53 - Better pick up the pace again. Start running with this guy. I ask him what time he's going for. 2:50 he tells me......mmmm.....I'm going slightly quicker than I should. I'm feeling a bit too heavy in the legs than I should be at this stage

7km - 3:56 - Just slow down a bit. I want to hang on to this pace for the next 3km then I'll slow just a bit more. Legs have come good again

8km - 3:58 - Still hanging under 4min. I let that guy go ahead of me.

9km - 3:55 - Wow I'm feeling pretty good. Need a drink though

10km - 3:57 - First 10km done. So far so good. So far nice & flat. So far great tail wind. Is this going to last???

11km&12km - 8:01 - I missed the 11km marker. My next goal is to run between 3:55 & 4:05 to the 15km mark. Legs getting a bit tired but still on track

13km - 4:05 - Ummmm bit slower on this one......Had a bit of cross wind but the tail wind is still strong

14km - 3:56 - Now this pace was better. But I had to pick it up at the end of the km to get that time. The head wind is just starting!

15km - 4:08 - Head wind & a hill. Legs starting to get even heavier. I'm still feeling stong

16km - 4:10 - I thinking those sub 4min are gone so I decide to try to go for 4:05 & 4:15 pace.
The wind is kicking along now and I'm in among the hills.

17km - 4:10 - Damn it is windy. I'm still doing ok on my splits, but it is getting hard!

18km - 4:16 - Ohhh dear.....that was slow! I'm thinking to myself that I need a sports drink. I get one around this stage

19km - 4:20 - Quite hilly here & the wind is killing me! Hang in there Darren...It will get better. I decide to stay at this pace for a bit. I need to get some energy back or I'm gonna be in the shit!

20km - 4:22 - Hills, wind, hills, wind!

21km - 4:16 - Bit of flat & slight tail wind back....phew! Starting to feel bit better. Also 1/2 way there!

22km - 4:12 - Find someone to run with. No talking done, but we get along like a house on fire. We help each along just picking the pace up slightly

23km - 3:58 - That was a better km.....good tail wind & a down hill

24km - 4:32 - I did that km slower than I wanted to. I knew I had to slow but that was too slow. I decide to pick up the pace again. All muscles feel good, just heavy

25km - 4:14 - Start to get a stitch...damn!

26km - 4:07 - Run through the stitch & have that tail wind behind me. Karen the leading female has caught up to me so I run with her. We get chatting. It's her first marathon & she's only 28. She has a few guys pacing her along

27km - 4:13 - I'm still running with Karen & her crew but not sure If I can hang on for to much longer. She's cruising along & I'm in a bit of pain!

28km - 4:07 - Still with her & the pace picks up a bit. I decide I'll stay with her for one more k then let her go

29km - 4:16 - I let Karen go. If I keep up that pace I'm gonna suffer very soon.
I'm feeling tired now & I'm back to running on my own. People are starting to pass me. I have heaps of petrol left in the tank but need to get my energy levels back. Time to slow a bit

30km - 4:15 - That km was better than I thought. Only 12km to go. Other than feeling tired I'm doing ok

31km - 4:18 - Still on my own & now feeling buggered...can I hang on? I start to worry. This Is where the race really starts. Have I done enough long runs? I'll soon find out

32km - 4:20 - I want to stay under 4:30 & say to myself only 10km to go.....people are passing me & I need someone to run with. This guy passes me & I ask him how he's feeling & he tells me he's stuffed! This guys passing me!!!

33km - 4:25 - This guy catches me & I decide to try & stay with him. We run together....I have a new running partner! My legs, feet, toes, & toe nails are starting to hurt!

34km - 4:31 - Only 8km to go I tell my new running friend. What time you after I ask him....he was hoping for around 2:50...I tell him I was hoping for under 2:55........we know both those times are out of reach. How many marathons you done I ask him & it's his first!

35km - 4:29 - I NEED FOOD! I run past the coolrunners tent & grab a snake. I also had a gel with water & i"m feeling good again

36km - 4:23 - We pick it up a bit, but think that was a fluke........not only is my whole lower body in pain but now I have pain in my arms.
I cough & could feel my head explode!

37km - 4:32 - Bugger!....why do I do this......The crowd is keeping us going.....I',m still with my running friend but am in agony!

38km - 4:33 - I can feel my hip flexors, quads, glutes & hamstring saying SITDOWN!!!!!! I tell my friend only 4k to go. I try to surge but that only lasted for around 50m then back to a slog!

39km - 4:34 - The crowd is cheering us, but I've had it...must keep going

40km - 4:47 - I'm gone. The only thing keeping me going is???? I have no idea. Just keep plodding to the end

41km - 4:58 - ALMOST THERE! 1.2km to go. Bugger it. I put in all I have

42.2km - 5:01 - OVER & OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

all done WOW what a journey!

There you go..all over. What an experience it's been! Have to plan the next one now.
I done the marathon in 2:57:56. I wanted to finish under 2:55 but still happy with the run.
I'll post the race in detail tomorrow & the trip to Melbourne.
I'll put in detail how I felt for every one of those 42km.
I came 73rd out of around 1300 people, so not a bad effort

Friday, October 06, 2006

easy run, long drive

I'm writing this ver early on Friday morning (3am) Stupid bloody dog next door decided to start barking now I can't get back to sleep!
Anyway since I forgot to write yesterday I may as well do it now.
Plane leaves soon & I had to get up at 4am.

The run I did yesterday (Thursday) was a very easy, flat 14k from Belmont to Blacksmith beach then back. I really took my time. I ran without a watch so I have no idea of the pace.
Legs were good, slightly heavy though. I'm hoping it will all come together on Sunday & they will feel like they have an extra spring in them!

I dropped my girls back. Long drive from Newie to Uladulla. (spelling??? They have a van down there) then drove back to the Central Coast.

It was sad to see them go again. We had such a blast these holidays.

Friday will be no running, just getting my way to Melbourne.